Ultimate Rugby Sevens partner with Areté Performance


By Barney Pascall

UR7s is committed to providing players with relevant and useful information on performance.  We are therefore delighted to announce our partnership with Areté Performance, who will join the Academy in time for the summer programme starting on August the 4th.

CEO of UR7s, Barney Pascall, said of the partnership “Whilst we have always invested in the physical performance aspect of rugby 7s, we have been eager to find a partner that not only has an outstanding track record, and therefore brings the highest standards, but can offer a sustainable approach as we mature and develop the Academy over the coming seasons.”

Areté Performance are physical performance specialists with decades of experience from a wide variety of performance environments, across multiple sports and organisations. They work with individuals, teams, schools, businesses, and other coaches to help them find solutions to the obstacles they may encounter on their journey towards mastery and fulfilling their potential.

“As well as coaching, Areté Performance will deliver all testing for our players this summer with individual reports available so that they can build on the coaching they receive.  We will continue to build on the offer through Areté Performance so that players can effectively plan and tailor their training for performance throughout the year, including, of course, the 7s season.” said Academy Manager, Jak Rossiter.

In a statement from Areté Performance Director, Tom Farrow, he said, “Areté Performance are delighted to partner with UR7s, the world-leading provider of performance academies in rugby 7s.

In my role with the England 7s team, I’ve been aware of the great work UR7s have been doing with their national academies and UR7s tournaments for some time. What they’ve developed is a fantastic opportunity for young players to cultivate their skill set specific to 7s rugby, led by highly experienced coaches. We’re excited to be able to support the physical side of this development and help grow the UR7s programme worldwide.”

Tom Farrow is also the Head of Strength & Conditioning for England Men’s 7s Team.