The in-season sessions take place in September, October, March and April on a Sunday afternoon, except the April session, which makes use of the Easter break and is run over a full day. The sessions are designed to focus on a particular aspect of the game so that our coaches can help players gain a more detailed insight.


Whilst the objectives we focus on in each session change, the players will be expected to develop these skills in game based scenarios as much as possible, learning from each other as well as their own successes and mistakes. Our coaching teams are afforded the creativity to design sessions that maximise the opportunity for the players to learn and come from their wealth of experience as current elite players and coaches.

The final in-season session in April is designed to prepare players for tournaments, including our own Regional Festival, which is held later in the Easter break.

The Junior section is for U13-U15 young rugby players who want to explore the game of rugby 7s alongside their school & club XVs rugby commitments. With up to 100 boys or girls in the programme, players work with some of the best coaches in the world using rugby 7s as a vehicle to develop and enhance their skills both in 7s and XVs. The Junior Academy places a real importance on the fundamentals of the game whilst empowering all involved to become creative, instinctive, intelligent rugby players.
The Senior section is for U16-U18s who want to take their experience of the game of rugby 7s to the next level and excel. Working with some of the best coaches in the world, the squad works towards a deeper understanding of the game and what it takes to play at the highest level whilst continuing to develop in the fundamentals of the sport. The Senior Academy programme stays true to the ethos of ‘seeing the simple in the chaos’ as players are encouraged to express themselves on and off the field.

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