We combine on-field training sessions, dedicated to rugby sevens, with online sessions covering a wide range of topics from ‘Mindset & Performance’ to ‘Nutrition’. During the season, players receive a holistic approach to the journey of a young aspiring athlete.


The Academy Season is structured to maximise the time we can spend with the players, whilst complimenting other commitments young athletes will likely have with school, club and other activities. We also run a mentoring programme with two key contact points over the course of the season, allowing players the opportunity for dedicated one-2-one time with the UR7s team.

Starting in August, the season opens with the Summer Residential, a unique environment where players will take part in training on and off the pitch over a 3-4 day period. We then follow the summer up with four ‘in-season’ sessions in September, October, March and April. All in-season sessions are run on a Sunday afternoon, except the final one in April, which makes use of the Easter break and is run over a full day in each region. We run a virtual series of sessions in February to help the players prepare for the start of the sevens season. Our mentoring programme runs throughout the year with a mid-season one-2-one in November and an end of season review in May.


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