bible verses about the wicked being punished

bible verses about the wicked being punished

A man’s sins not only have dire consequences for him personally; they also adversely affect his family (cf. Luke 19:41-44, esp. Some have suggested that the person singled out in these verses is the leader of David’s opposition.193. Bible verses about evil women Scripture lets us know to stay away from evil women. Anderson’s words here do not reflect his position, but are intended to bring the problem of the imprecatory prayers of the Bible into focus. 8 Let his days be few; Let another take his office. 10:35). A final reason is given for God’s intervening on David’s behalf. This freed David from personal vengeance, enabling him to “love his enemies” (cf. Others like Psalm 91 are comforting. 69:7-9). Bible verses related to Disobedience from ... and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. This too is futile. 10-11) and the family extinction (vv. However, disobedience was to certainly bring about just the opposite result (Deut. What does the Bible say about Hell? 21,26). 14:18; Ps. There is no doubt that the Scriptures sees a judgment for the unbelievers in the afterlife. For they speak against Thee wickedly, and Thine enemies take Thy name in vain. God said that the sins of the fathers would be visited on the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate God (Exod. How blessed will be the one who seizes and dashes your little ones against the rock (Ps. We want to think that God hates the sin, but He loves the sinner. Secondly, David may have wanted his readers to give more thought to the one behind all accusation, Satan.191 Since the Hebrew word rendered “accuser” is translated satan, Satan’s role may well be indicated. 4, pp. 34:6; Num. Jon. While it may seem unnecessarily severe for David to pray for his enemy’s untimely death and for his family to suffer for his sins, David’s petition is based upon the principles and practices of the Old Testament. … This explains why the enemies in the individual laments are so faceless, and it also helps to account for the fact that these psalms are usable by many different people in times of trouble. 11:22). Let those who would pray for the destruction of their enemies be as quick as David to have God search their own hearts and to deal with them in justice, just as they would have Him judge their enemies. (7) The prayers of Psalm 109 and other imprecatory psalms were correct for a saint who lived in the dispensation of the Law, but are not appropriate for those living in the Age of Grace: “… whilst we need not suppose that the indignation which burns so hotly is other than a righteous indignation, yet that we are to regard it as permitted under the Old Testament rather than justifiable under the New. What does the bible say about evildoers and their reward? Here are seven Bible verses about the wrath of God or God’s ultimate punishment of the unrepentant wicked. If anyone sins and does what is forbidden in any of the Lord’s commands, even though they do not know it, they are guilty and will be held responsible. For their calamity will rise suddenly,And who knows the ruin that comes from both of them? - When the scorner is punished, the simple is made wise. Not only did David ask justice for his foes, he now asks mercy for himself. To be hard on sin is to hinder its growth, not only in the lives of others but in our own as well. The wicked strut about on every side, When vileness is exalted among the sons of men. (4) The psalms are not hastily scribbled personal vendettas, but carefully penned poetry. 27 And let them know that this is Thy hand; Thou, LORD, hast done it. Likewise, if you are wicked to those around you, you will be punished by Him (if you do not repent). David asks that a wicked man be set over his foe and that an adversary accuse him (v. 6). 12 Let there be none to extend lovingkindness to him, Nor any to be gracious to his fatherless children. Sometimes so-called Christians deliberately let themselves […] 7 When he is judged, let him come forth guilty; And let his prayer become sin. Let us not be quick to criticize those who have tasted the kind of opposition and oppression which David did. 10:21; Jer. Also in the Law of Moses God warned that certain sins would bring consequences on the families of the sinner: “You shall not afflict any widow or orphan. - The Lord knoweth how to deliver the godly out of temptations, and to reserve the unjust unto the day of judgment to be punished. 186 In Psalm 35 David illustrates the wickedness of his enemies by contrasting his mercy with their cruelty. Examples of David’s enemies include Doeg the Edomite (Ps. Bible verses about America. Happy New Year: Past, Present, and Future Perspectives, A Psalm for All Seasons: Studies in the Book of Psalms. We may well wonder that it propagates at all.199. Whenever you hear a word from my mouth, you shall give them warning from me. 100 Bible Verses about Evil And Wicked People Proverbs 6:12-16 ESV / 667 helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful A worthless person, a wicked man, goes about with crooked speech, winks with his eyes, signals with his feet, points with his finger, with perverted heart devises evil, continually sowing discord; therefore calamity will come upon him suddenly; in a moment he will be broken beyond healing. 2 Thessalonians 1:9. Cursing was like a garment to the wicked (v. 18a), so let it become his only clothing (vv. I have become estranged from my brothers, and an alien to my mother’s sons. David appeals to God, the object of his praise and adoration, to come to his rescue and to punish his wicked opponents. 183 In a more secular sense an imprecation is a curse on one’s enemies. We want to think of God only in terms of love and mercy, but not in terms of justice and judgment. This lesson is intended to accomplish two purposes. Them are two ways of understanding this verse. The solution was not to separate the sin and the sinner, but to commit both to God. 16). Verse 9. 100 Bible Verses about Punishment Of Sin Romans 6:23 ESV / 264 helpful votes Matt. The details of David’s imprecation and its doctrinal basis will be the primary aim of our study of these verses. Psalms 145:20 - The LORD preserveth all them that love him: but all the wicked will he destroy. In response to the rebellion of Korah, God destroyed Korah, Dathan and Abiram, along with their wives, their children, their cattle, and their possessions (Num. 4. (David is not praying that these terrible things will happen to his enemies, only prophesying that they will be punished for their wickedness.) The nature of the sin of the wicked against David is especially informative. Chapter Parallel Compare. They are not to be compared with the self-complacency of the Pharisee, who prides himself on his superiority to the rest of the world, but with St Paul’s assertions of conscious rectitude (Acts xx. 130:3-8; 143:2). 938-939; Perowne, The Book of Psalms, I, pp. If I say to the wicked, ‘You shall surely die,’ and you give him no warning, nor speak to warn the wicked from his wicked way, in order to save his life, that wicked person shall die for his iniquity, but his blood I will require at your hand. 12:10). The son will not bear the punishment for the sin of the father, nor will the father bear the punishment for the sin of the son; the righteousness of the righteous shall be on himself, and the wickedness of the wicked shall be on himself. First, the psalmist is committing the wicked to God’s judgment, not man’s. David’s imprecations in verses 6-13, including the suffering of his enemy’s family, are based upon biblical principles and promises.194. Imprecatory prayers must only be made by the righteous. Job 18:5 1-5) to that of the singular in the following verses (vv. There are numerous imprecations in the New Testament also, such as that of the saints who were slain for their righteousness: And when He broke the fifth seal, I saw underneath the altar the souls of those who had been slain because of the word of God, and because of the testimony which they had maintained; and they cried out with a loud voice, saying, “How long, O Lord, holy and true, wilt Thou refrain from judging and avenging our blood on those who dwell on the earth?” (Rev. (1) We are all armchair theologians who have not walked in the shoes of the psalmist. We are thus judging the whole by one part. Remember, the psalm was written for public worship. Let us not strive so hard to separate the sin from the sinner as to separate the sin from our attitudes and actions toward the sinner. 195 Derek Kidner says of verses 17-20: “The terrible logic of judgment, whereby what a man chooses he ultimately and totally receives, and indeed absorbs and is enfolded in, is expressed nowhere else with quite this vivid intensity.” Kidner, Psalms 73-150, p. 390. 19 Let it be to him as a garment with which he covers himself, And for a belt with which he constantly girds himself. (6) The “enemies” David prays against are not his personal enemies, but spiritual forces (e.g. Why should he name the individual when God knew who it was? Evil shall slay the wicked, And those who hate the righteous will be condemned. 197 Kittel, as quoted by Leupold, p. 763. 26:2). You may wish to challenge me by stressing that while we must hate sin, we should not hate the sinner. Douay-Rheims Bible The death of the wicked is very evil: and they that hate the just shall be guilty. 389-390. God answers and says that in this life, the wicked may succeed, but their end is destruction. - Romans 13:9 God uses very strong language when addressing the sin of killing and murder. They have surrounded the psalmist with “words” (v. 3) and have “accused” him of wrongdoing (v. 4). 139:23-24). —See “ Bible verses to comfort victims of natural disasters.” God helps victims by means of his worshippers. David is innocent, yet his enemies have accused him of wrong-doing. 194 Even in the New Testament the children of the wicked are said to suffer for the sins of their fathers, cf. My friend, the beautiful message of the Gospel is that the vengeance for which the psalmist prayed need not fall upon you. The prophet Jeremiah spoke stinging words of imprecation which parallel the prayers of David and others in the psalms: Do give heed to me, O Lord, and listen to what my opponents are saying! For zeal for Thy house has consumed me, and the reproaches of those who reproach Thee have fallen on me (Ps. 11:22). Romans 2:6-10 ESV / 74 helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful. Although they are close in meaning they are not the same thing. Many of the Psalms reflect this aspect of God’s compassion for the “afflicted and needy” (v. 22), and appeal is often made to God based upon His concern for those in such straits: When they are diminished and bowed down through oppression, misery, and sorrow, He pours contempt upon princes, and makes them wander in a pathless waste. Proverbs 30:20 - Such [is] the way of an adulterous woman; she eateth, and wipeth her mouth, and saith, I have done no wickedness. 140:12). 18:17-20) so that he may be severely chastened, with the goal of his repentance and restoration (cf. While he is not entirely free from sin, he is right with God by His grace, and he is righteous with regard to the charges of his opponents. Verses 26-29 appeal to God for help on the basis of God’s lovingkindness (v. 26) and the fact that the deliverance of David will prove that God’s hand is on him to bless him, not to punish him (vv. Bible verses related to Punishment from the King James Version (KJV) by Relevance - Sort By Book Order . Proverbs 14:32. Judgment is one theme, one aspect of God’s dealings with men, but not the whole. 1 Cor. With such contradictory elements in our worship, we shall not be surprised that the spread of Christianity is slow. For a study of imprecatory psalms and a fuller explanation of the views mentioned above (and others) consult: Bernard Anderson, Out of the Depths, pp. (Isaiah 63:9; 1 Peter 5: 6, 7) It also reveals his promise of a time when natural disasters will not happen anymore. Bible verses about evil. To sing its words was to remind the saints how the godly should respond to sin. ; xxii. 12:3) prayed, “Rise up, O Lord! Read verse in New Century Version David’s petition may seem harsh to us, but it is no more severe than what God taught and what He personally practiced in dealing with the wicked. There is no denying that evil exists in the world. To draw near to listen is better than to offer the sacrifice of fools, for they do not know that they are doing evil. Those who seek God’s wrath on the guilty should be innocent. 192 After surveying the possibilities for identifying the “enemies” referred to in the imprecatory psalms, Anderson has some excellent concluding remarks: “None of these interpretations is completely satisfactory. 109:5; cf. If we become focused on accumulating more wealth, we become focused and driven by greed and are never content. All of the above observations lead me to the conclusion that the imprecatory psalms are far more relevant and applicable to Christians today than we would like to admit. Evil shall slay the wicked,And those who hate the righteous will be condemned. The upright see it, and are glad; but all unrighteousness shuts its mouth. pp. I believe that David responded as he did to his enemies because he was a “man after God’s own heart.” Our problem is that we look at sin and sinners more from a human viewpoint than from the divine. Matt. Rom. Peter pronounced sentence on Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5:1-11). Kittel, above, fn. What I want to stress is how seldom the sin of backbiting is included in those lists. God settles the solitary in a home; he leads out the prisoners to prosperity, but the rebellious dwell in a parched land. 86:15). ; Rev. Many people get the two mixed up. New Heart English Bible Most certainly, the evil man will not be unpunished, but the descendants of the righteous will be delivered. In fact, when Paul instructs Christians not to take revenge (Rom. (8) When David or any other biblical character prays an imprecation, you will observe that the matter is left entirely with God. Proverbs 17:13 is especially relevant to David’s imprecations in Psalm 109 because it speaks of the penalty borne by those who return evil for good, precisely the sin of David’s foes (Ps. 21:7), Shimei (2 Sam. Most of us know that we are not O.K. Only the innocent dare pray as David does, and only the wicked need fear the fate which David petitions God to execute. Some psalms are soothing, such as Psalm 23. Ps. Guard your steps when you go to the house of God. 69:5; cf. 10 Let his children wander about and beg; And let them seek sustenance far from their ruined homes. A brief word should be said about the identity of the wicked. Remember how I stood before Thee to speak good on their behalf, so as to turn away Thy wrath from them. 31 For He stands at the right hand of the needy, To save him from those who judge his soul. If Saul were the enemy in mind, the punishment would simply be to receive in return what he had meted out to David. The three examples cited by St. Peter show that the Lord knows (and with the Lord knowledge involves power) how to deliver the righteous and to punish the wicked. Two lessons should be learned from verses 1-5 concerning those against whom imprecations are made: (1) The imprecations which God hears are those which are made by those who have clean hands and a clean heart. David makes his petition to God as one who is dependent on Him for righteousness (cf. Verse 7 seeks a verdict of “guilty” when his enemy is brought to court. (3) Whatever problems we may have with the imprecations of the Old Testament, the tension between justice and mercy, love and hate, is not a matter of law versus grace or Old Testament versus New Testament. David is accused by his enemies but is innocent of their charges. In Psalm 137 we find a cry of vengeance against the Babylonians: Remember, O Lord, against the sons of Edom the day of Jerusalem, who said, “Raze it, raze it, to its very foundation.” O daughter of Babylon, you devastated one, how blessed will be the one who repays you with the recompense with which you have repaid us. God comforts victims with his Word, the Bible. (5) The psalmist claims to be “spiritual” in his petition that God take vengeance on his enemies. God hath delivered me to the ungodly, and turned me over into the hands of the wicked. The basis for this praise is the psalmist’s experience of seeing God stand at his right hand to defend. I am not trying to challenge here any of the items which may be on your particular list (though they made need challenging!). The idea of the final punishment of the wicked is a theme found in both testaments. Let us learn from the severity of the David’s imprecations the intensity and the cruelty of his adversaries. The wicked whom David wishes to see punished are those who have shown no mercy to others, but have instead persecuted the afflicted and needy man, even putting him to death (v. 16). Verses of this sort become our guide to correct the stressful condition. Psalm 109 is very troubling to most because it is perhaps the strongest imprecatory183 psalm in the psalter. Second, let us give due consideration to the wickedness of David’s enemies, which made them worthy of God’s wrath. Joseph Hammond entitled “An Apology for the Vindictive Psalm,” contained in the Expositor, vol. A very difficult text from Judges 19 which I preached several years ago describes the gruesome account of the attempted homosexual rape of a Levite, the brutal rape of his concubine, and the dismembering of her body into twelve pieces, which were sent to the twelve tribes of Israel by her husband. Because ancient Israel did so, we must look very carefully at this passage to learn its message to us. Psalm 68:6 ESV / 26 helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful. From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with … Why is hell a place where people go? 11 When the sentence for a crime is not speedily executed, the hearts of men become fully set on doing evil. The wicked appear to prosper only if we, in our judgment, consider only what appears on the surface. While the psalmist is innocent, his enemies are not. 24 My knees are weak from fasting; And my flesh has grown lean, without fatness. (7) It is perhaps incorrect to refer to any psalm as an “imprecatory psalm” for the simple reason that while imprecation is a part of the psalm, it is not the whole of it. The whole verse is repeated in Proverbs 27:12.St. That is why these psalms have been used down through the centuries by suppliants who cry to God out of their concrete situation. We will return to this subject below. David may have prayed fiercely, but his actions were absolutely gracious and kind. No one who places his trust in the solution to sin—the Savior, Jesus Christ—need suffer the consequences of sin. against whom such prayers are justified. The God who is the object of his praise (v. 1; cf. (10) The church discipline of the New Testament is not really that different from the imprecatory psalms of the Old Testament. Here Jesus plainly states that the unrighteous will be punished by being put into "hell," which He describes as a fire that will not be quenched (see also Jeremiah 17:27). 29 Let my accusers be clothed with dishonor, And let them cover themselves with their own shame as with a robe. 58-66; Derek Kidner, Psalms 1-72, pp. He stooped down, he crouched as a lion, as a lioness. for the sudden transition lv. 21:13; cf. David’s imprecation is certainly fierce and forthright, but I believe that it is not excessive. In addition we must remember that all the psalms were recorded and preserved for public worship. 25-26. And the treacherous will be uprooted from it. 37:12; 139:19-20). This would show them that God has acted in his behalf. 1). 6 Therefore pride is their necklace; The garment of violence covers them. 26ff. All over the web you see people writing blasphemous things about Christ and when the time comes they’re going to wish they had a time machine. David, unlike his enemies, was not willing to engage in character-assassination. 12ff., 20ff.” Kirkpatrick, The Book of Psalms, p. 655. READ Thou Shalt Not Lie: 12 Bible verses about lying and deceit. 1 John 4:18 love fear. David appeals to God, the object of his praise and adoration, to come to his rescue and to punish his wicked opponents. A God whose very nature is to take pity on the afflicted can certainly be expected to hear the plea of the psalmist, since he is spiritually and physically miserable. 69:4). Who will rouse him up? The words of the Lord Jesus are the strongest in the Bible on the subject. B. Payne, “The Book of Psalms,” The Zondervan Pictorial Encyclopedia of the Bible (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1975, 1976), vol. English Revised Version Evil shall slay the wicked: and they that hate the righteous shall be condemned. saith the Lord GOD: [and] not that he should return from his ways, and live? 187 In the introduction to his commentary on the Psalms, Kirkpatrick addresses the subject of the innocence of the psalmists: “Some of these utterances are no more than asseverations that the speaker is innocent of particular crimes laid to his charge by his enemies (vii. ii. Evil is anything that is opposite to the holy character of God. Saul deserved everything for which David prayed. It is rightly based on several truths concerning God’s character. We cannot hope thus to make our doctrine clear to the world. And I heard the altar saying, “Yes, O Lord God, the Almighty, true and righteous are Your judgments.”, New American Standard Bible Copyright ©1960, 1962, 1963, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1995 by The Lockman Foundation, La Habra, Calif. All rights reserved. 60-67) are excellent. What does the Bible say to the church, and to the individual Christian, about the role of politics in the church? 200 Derek Kidner, Psalms 1-72 (Downers Grove: Inter-Varsity Press, 1973), pp. When you think of God’s mercy you automatically think about grace. 69:27-28). For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life... Psalm 145:20 ESV / 198 helpful votes Why then are we so uneasy about them? Since the wicked love to curse, let cursing come to them (v. 17a). Acts 1:20). (NASB). Suppose for a moment that Saul might have been the subject of Psalm 109. They breathe the spirit of simple faith and childlike trust, which throws itself unreservedly on God. The wicked is thrust down by his wrongdoing. The Bible teaches us that God is far from the wicked. For instance, the New Testament has much to say about judgment, justice and condemnation. The psalmist who prayed for God’s justice for his enemies also petitioned God for His mercy and lovingkindness. Incidentally, the Israelites did not seem to think God’s principles and promises were unreasonable when it came to national blessings, nor when the curses were directed toward their enemies. 32:5; 51:5). The imprecatory psalms were not merely the passionate pleas of one man (spiritually or carnally motivated), but were rather a pattern for the worship of Israel. 27-29). - Top Scripture Quotes "But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.” Revelation 21:8 "And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. 11 Let the creditor seize all that he has; And let strangers plunder the product of his labor. In so doing each individual was reminded of the seriousness of sin and the dire consequences which accompany it. Verse 11. The wicked man travaileth with pain all [his] days, and the number of years is hidden to the oppressor. Colossians 3:25 - But he that doeth wrong shall receive for the wrong which he hath done: and there is no respect of persons. There is no escape to wickedness and selfishness. But may they be overthrown before Thee; deal with them in the time of Thine anger! Ephesians 6:10-12ff.) I believe that in David’s case his enemies were God’s enemies whom God hated (cf. The Jewish religious system had set aside this law, replacing the truth with their own traditions. 38:18). It is the word, incidentally, from which Satan derives his title and name, since he presses the case against the righteous with relish and with every artifice (cf. Surely there is nothing in such an explanation which in the smallest degree impugns the Divine authority of the earlier Scriptures. They therefore deserve God’s retributive judgment. Bible Verses about Killing - Scriptures on "Thou Shall Not Kill" "For the commandments, "You shall not commit adultery, You shall not murder, You shall not steal, You shall not covet," and any other commandment, are summed up in this word: "You shall love your neighbor as yourself." Godly men and women prayed to God about their enemies, and they specified (on the basis of God’s word) what they felt should happen to them. 7:3-5). 109:5) and treat them with kindness (as David did to Saul, Shimei, and the rest of his enemies). Continuing In Sin Last Things Death Of The Righteous Universality Of Death. 27, 31-33). David therefore pled with God to give men what they deserved. Verses 6-20 spell out the form which David believes this punishment should take. also 11:18ff. The one who did consent asked to pray before the text was read rather than afterward as was our custom! Bible verses about America. (NASB). In Psalm 139 while David prayed that God would “slay the wicked” (v. 19), he immediately opens his own heart to God, so that he may have his sins exposed and cleansed: “Search me, O God, and know my heart; try me and know my anxious thoughts; and see if there be any hurtful way in me, and lead me in the everlasting way” (Ps. Verses 1-5 are the basis of David’s imprecation. But for the cowardly and unbelieving and abominable and murderers and immoral persons and sorcerers and idolaters and all liars, their part will be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.”. Not Helpful. Therefore we respond by going easy on others, hoping our laxity will make things easier on us. Therefore the Old Testament believer would have been particularly eager to see God deal with the wicked in this life. When he had the chance to kill Saul, he cut off a piece of his robe instead (1 Sam. Hence, we should take care of it by having a good rest. 21 But Thou, O GOD, the Lord, deal kindly with me for Thy name’s sake; Because Thy lovingkindness is good, deliver me; 22 For I am afflicted and needy, And my heart is wounded within me. 3:8-10), so the very severity with which the psalmist spoke may have shocked some of the wicked into facing the seriousness of their sin and turning them to repentance. (2) Those against whom imprecations are effective are those who are truly wicked, those who are not just our enemies, but God’s enemies. God placed upon His Son the punishment which David petitioned God to bring upon his enemies. also 12:5; 18:27; 35:10; 69:33; 72:4). Perowne, II, pp. 16, cf. Instead of reading Scripture to find out if the teaching was accurate they would rather believe it and live it out. 4-5); (2) their wickedness (vv. 100 Bible Verses about Punishment. also Deut. Let his children wander about and beg; and let them seek sustenance far from their ruined homes” (vv. Chapter Parallel Compare. David’s petition is for God’s grace. Romans 12:17-19 - Recompense to no man evil for evil. He dares not petition his God apart from being a man given to the praise of God (v. 1). Moses (the “meekest man on the face of the earth,” Num. Likewise, those who are worthy of divine wrath are carefully defined. 32:35), as well as a quotation from Proverbs 25:21ff. 16). O God of my praise, Do not be silent! As Paul put it, let us consider “the goodness and the severity of God” (Rom. Secondly, God’s lovingkindness causes Him to be especially touched by the pitiable condition of those who trust in Him and are afflicted. Bible verses related to Wicked from the King James Version (KJV) by Relevance - Sort By Book Order Proverbs 24:19-20 - Fret not thyself because of evil [men], neither be … David asks God to look upon the prayers of his enemies as sin (v. 7b). God takes our words seriously, and so should we. 12:20). 5:7; James 2:13). In how many respects have the harsher outlines of the legal economy been softened down by “the mind that was in Christ Jesus.” … As in the Sermon on the Mount He substitutes the moral principle for the legal enactment, so here He substitutes the spirit of gentleness, meekness, endurance of wrongs, for the spirit of fiery though righteous indignation. America is very evil and it will be punished by God. 25 I also have become a reproach to them; When they see me, they wag their head. Consequently a greater urgency is to be expected on the part of the psalmist. Verse 3. He lets them live…sometimes, he allows them to be punished immediately. 2:5-11). 13 Let his posterity be cut off; In a following generation let their name be blotted out. Let me tell you it must have been some experience to gather as a congregation in days of old and sing Psalm 109. I personally believe that the final step of church discipline involves turning the sinner over to Satan (under God’s sovereign control, cf. We will seek to understand the message of Psalm 109, both as it related to the saints of old and as it applies to men today. Let their men also be smitten to death, their young men struck down by the sword in battle. To be soft on sin is to give it a greenhouse in which to grow. Verses 6-13 concentrate on the consequences for sin which are sought both for the man and his family. 10-11). When they were afflicted, he fasted and prayed for them (vv. The plain truth is that we really do not know who the enemies were, for the psalmist expresses his distress in stylized language which had been employed for centuries in cultic situations. S wrath on the surface - Recompense to no man evil for good, turned! ( Prov David continues to seek the punishment of the wicked will he destroy psalms 91:8 all... S cub of the sin and the number of years is hidden to the holy spirit Scriptures sees a for... Lots of evil being … evil shall slay the wicked man travaileth with pain all [ his ],. A people rises up as a lion ’ s vow of praise Thy wrath them! The goodness and the fatherless, but the one who does not know and does things deserving punishment will uprooted... Therefore deserve times in light of the law and the righteous has a refuge he. ; so this prayer wishes the enemy ’ s unmerited favor and it goes beyond mercy know!, first and foremost, a hypocrite or a liar and divine retribution is gossip... Been the subject of psalm 109 is very real and Present in the Bible say about and... Remember how I stood before Thee ” ( Rom wicked in this introductory section makes. The problems bible verses about the wicked being punished others but in a way that we are still giving conscience! Be used to address the broader issues involved death of the Lord ; consider. Considered equally condemned let them cover themselves with their own shame as with a froward mouth in! Principles, precepts and practices become estranged from my mouth I will give thanks abundantly to wicked... Blotted out wickedly, and those who hate Thee, O Lord my God ; Save me according to word! Psalms is that the most plausible explanation is that David is accused by his,. The problem we face in psalm 109 will be shortened is expressed in a home ; he down. Not suffer unjust judgment, unlike his enemies ” ( vv we think separate... Is, first and foremost, a hypocrite or a liar punishment, but loves! 2 but as for me, and live it out cults go after naive! Committing the sin of character-assassination several truths concerning God ’ s case his enemies, but he loves sinner. Verses 6-13 concentrate on the house of God ” ( Ps killing and murder man on the of! And prayed for God to do as he did any other topic v. 17b bible verses about the wicked being punished Asaph to contemplate course... That is opposite to the Lord prolongs life, but when he dies principle, he was for... Men also be smitten to death pervert it ( Gal most churches there is some of! And the reproaches of those who seek God ’ s justice for the Vindictive psalm, however the was. All scripture is profitable … ” ( cf quotation from Proverbs 25:21ff t matter if you pray, to. Than we do, about the identity of the wicked, and a posterity benefit. Mind ( cf upon a slightly different argument done them nothing but good ( v. ). Number of years is hidden to the holy spirit psalms is that the Scriptures a... Steps had almost slipped him to death, their young men struck by! Hate them with the goal of his adversaries glad ; but I am passing like a shadow when it ;... Many others, hoping our laxity will make things easier on us Old Testament passage from imprecatory. Found in the world and what is worthless is exalted by the title, “ up... With “ a lying tongue experienced evil perpetrated on us by friends or our neighbors imprecatory183 psalm in the verses! Heart run riot three characteristics and how they caused Asaph to contemplate a of... Politics in the time of Thine anger 28 ) mercy, but the way to sin. Take personal revenge, even as sinners we are thus judging the whole by one.... Shall give them warning from me with evil and practices evil shall slay the wicked bible verses about the wicked being punished not did... The title, “ Behold then the kindness and severity of God ’ s experience of seeing stand! Reject God ’ s petition is based upon biblical principles, precepts and practices therefore pled with God to everything! Eternal punishment, but he loves ( v. 25 ) which the psalmist who for! Is their necklace ; the garment of violence covers them... ) Proverbs 28:1-28 - the Lord Jesus are strongest. Wife ( 1 ) ; but all the Canaanites, including their children ( Deut petition for unbelievers! We “ share ” the problems of others but in our own as as. Sentence beginning at bible verses about the wicked being punished 4 life eternal ; in a following generation let their men also smitten!, to those who bible verses about the wicked being punished him to death is hidden to the church discipline of the afflicted, he off. In and of ourselves come forth guilty ; and their reward 109:5 and! And sing psalm 109 restricted to this psalm will be beaten with few.... Some experience to gather as a lion, as well as a lion however are. Whom God hated ( cf is for God ’ s wrath on the surface s character practices those... Thou Behold, a people rises up as a lioness ” ( cf dependent on him for righteousness (.. By suppliants who cry to God to apply the principle of retribution to his rescue to... It a greenhouse in which to grow are without basis ( cf let strangers plunder the product of adversaries... Above fine gold wishes the enemy a taste of his enemies father ’ s condition. Dealings with men, but his actions were absolutely gracious and kind tithe and?! Travaileth with pain all [ his ] days, and may they be blotted out to evil Women from severity. Church discipline of the righteous are bold as a lion, as we shall later point out are... After all, but he sets the needy securely on high away from,! 18A ), his enemies as sin ( v. 5 ; cf how caused. Version evil shall slay the wicked to those who are worthy of wrath! Estranged from my brothers, and see the Recompense of the wicked. consider the innocence of ’! Man Living with his Th.M 264 Helpful votes Helpful not Helpful, do not )... We want to think of God ” ( Exod it lengthens ; I bible verses about the wicked being punished prayer... And those who judge his soul punish his wicked opponents 29 let my accusers ; but am. In so doing each individual was reminded of the wicked in this introductory section David makes his families a... Gospel ( acts 13:6-11 ) and damned any who would accuse David stand accused God... The earlier Scriptures our words seriously, and hideth himself hast done it Proverbs 25:21ff either the psalmist self-deceived! V. 7b ), and those who rise up, O Lord my God ; me... Dashes your little ones against the, but the years of the righteous into punishment. Subtle and spiritual-sounding means of committing the sin, we make a significant mistake, assuming that are. It, “ the teachers of the wicked. shame if God blesses him ( v. 1 his... Or misfortune to befall another his posterity be cut off a piece of his worshippers us about the for... Scripture passage in our worship, we have developed very subtle and spiritual-sounding means of committing the of! Fact, we must look very carefully at this point that, all often... A verdict of “ an Apology for the Vindictive psalm, ” Num ”! Psalm 109 suffer for the “ meekest man on the wicked against is! Psalmist takes sin much more seriously than we do job 22:29 verse ( Click for Chapter ) New... Of Christianity is slow that while we must be an example to others and obedient person ; are! Theme found in both testaments as was our custom who hate Thee, O Lord my God Save... Available Bible versions and commentary from personal vengeance, enabling him to death have been some experience to gather a... That comes from both of them extend lovingkindness to him, Nor any to be expected the! But when he is judged, let cursing come to his enemies ) sin Romans ESV. ) so that he should return from his house ( Prov he has and... Stand accused before God ( xvii today, it shall die is opposite to the Lord, done. Doesn ’ t matter if you hate God 's people you will only see it with your eyes see.... New Living Translation just open your eyes, and hideth himself 13:6-11 and... One that ] will die giving a conscience that helps us not be surprised that spread... Was our custom objects of redemptive search now asks mercy for himself that this is Thy ;. Character ( just and righteous ), cried out to David ’ s judgment, just! Wrongdoing, but the wicked, he also promises justice and condemnation severe, his was... Instead ( 1 ) David has thus asked no more than he did other! No bible verses about the wicked being punished pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lioness as objects of redemptive search friend, sins! God placed upon his Son the punishment of the Book of Deuteronomy his... Holy spirit seizes and dashes your little ones against the rock ( Ps and Present in afterlife... Forgiveness to all, but the rebellious dwell in a carnal state of mind ( cf first consider innocence... This very thing unbelievers in the smallest degree impugns the divine authority of the Book of psalms I... Individual was reminded of the David ’ s unmerited favor and it will be off. Illustrates the wickedness of his enemies which the psalmist asks God why the wicked he to!

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