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UR7s has worked very hard over the past 10 years to spread the love of rugby 7s to all corners of the globe.

We have projects and events in many of these. If you would like to know more, get in contact on info@UR7s.com


Working with the US Collegiate Development Camp to offer opportunities to players from across the world that are interested in studying at University/College in the USA. With the explosion of rugby in America, there are now more opportunities than ever to match your studies alongside your rugby. Just like USA 7s captain Madison Hughes did!

East Africa

UR7s has led numerous coaching tours and development programs in East Africa including to Kenya & Uganda. This has resulted in our continuing legacy program which sees coaches working in clubs and schools to develop the sport of rugby.


UR7s is working alongside the ADI in delivering a world leading residential high-performance centre for aspiring athletes and teams in the UAE. Sitting alongside sports such as Tennis, Golf and other Olympic sports, 7s now has a seat at the top table and the opportunity to enjoy the use of world class facilities and coaching of all aspects of athletic and sporting development.

South Africa

UR7s has an office in Cape Town where it delivers ‘experiential’ sports. So think beach rugby, touch rugby 7s, touch in the park all delivered as an experience for those taking part and enjoying it from the side-lines. Working with creatives, UR7s SA is leading the way in visual delivery of the sport.

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